Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are the company’s replacement for the NXT Tour S and NXT Tour line of golf balls. The Tour Soft is made for golfers with low to mid handicaps who are looking for distance and feel, without having to pay a higher price than their own Pro V1.

Over the last few years, Titleist who used to dominate the premium golf ball market, had to try to play catch up with its competitors who are intent on making softer and softer golf balls, primarily for the lucrative senior golfer market.

Titleist Tour Soft is a ball that has great distance, has soft spin-in approach shots and putts the with best of them. Titleist’s design allows it to say with credibility that it is the best ball in its category.

Things to consider before buying Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

As we get older, we tend to lose our flexibility. That means that we may have trouble hitting a golf ball as far as we could hit it when we were younger. A softer, larger core will help get some of that distance back because when you hit it, the ball compresses more than a typical ball. Then, the ball will catapult off the clubbed for further length.

In chillier weather, a softer ball will feel like a more higher compression ball. The higher compression ball might feel like a little stone when you hit it. On the other hand, a softer compression ball will give you more feel, in chilly weather.

Who should buy Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls?

The ideal customer for the Titleist Tour Soft are players looking for an exceptionally soft feel and a better short game, while not sacrificing overall distance. In short, these balls are made for golfers who want excellent performance and feel.

In simpler terms, Titleist has made a golf ball for mid-handicappers who don’t want to spend all of the money for Pro V1’s, but are trying to find a harder ball that is only good for distance and not for feel around the greens.

Also, this is a good ball for those with a slower golf swing, like senior players, who like a soft feel around the green and want to get some extra distance on their drives.

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are lower priced Titleist version of the top of line balls that most companies make. The real question is whether the value is in the ball for the golfer.

What should I think about before buying the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls?

The softer and larger core of the Tour Soft will let slower swing players hit for more distance, both on the driver and the long irons. Its cover will be softer than most harder distance balls providing better feel around the greens and on your approach shots.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

When the word Soft is used in the name of a ball, the ball is usually for a player with a slower swing because of decreased flexibility or strength, who needs some added distance. The Tour Soft is no different. Provided you are such a golfer, it will bring you added length and feel around the green than a majority of balls, even most in the premium price category. You will love the added savings and better durability the Tour Soft will bring you without sacrifice quality.

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are Titleist’s replacement for their former line of NXT Tour S and NXT Tour golf balls. It’s kind of like they rolled both balls into one.

The Titleist Tour Soft is for a mid handicapper who wants a ball with feel and not just a hard distance ball.

The ball is designed with the most massive core ever produced by Titleist to provide superior distance as well as a responsive feel.

Titleist’s promise for the Tour Soft Golf ball

Titleist promises that their Tour Soft golf balls are designed to “provide category leading soft feel, very fast speed for commanding distance and excellent short game performance.”


  • The Tour Soft balls should ad more distance to the games of slower swing speed golfers. They will get a low-spinning flight but a flight that also goes very nice and high. That’s an excellent combination for hitting long drives.
  • In the short game with chips and pitches, the Tour Soft did reasonably well for spin and control of the ball.
  • As a result of the piercing flight of long drives and irons, the ball was great for playing into the wind. That’s a big plus for those windy days when the ball is traveling all over the course.
  • On colder than summer days, because of its softer core, the Tour Soft was much better to feel on the course than a higher compression ball.
  • The balls are also available in white and optic yellow, which makes them easier to find in the rough.


  • Unfortunately, the Tour Soft is not for players with swing speeds over 100mph. It could feel a bit mushy to those players.
  • When Titleist built such a large core, they had no choice but to give the Tour Soft a thinner cover. That thinner cover has the potential for getting cut or for being slightly more fragile than your typical Surlyn ball.
  • The feel around the greens can also feel a bit slippery when hitting from the tight grass.

What’s The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball About?

The Tour Soft has the largest core ever from Titleist.

The core of the golf ball is the engine that allows the ball to take flight. In tests, the larger the core, the farther the ball will fly. Here, Titleist has built its largest core ever.

It will provide better cushion for longer distances for less flexible players.

Ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover

With a larger core, Titleist’s engineers had the difficult task of creating a cover that was designed to develop increased spin but also to accommodate the golf ball’s massive core. All of that while still staying durable to play a full round with.

The good news is that they’ve succeeded.

The Tour Soft is very thin compared to many current urethane covers. The soft and thin cover will provide better short game performance, and softer feel overall.

The new cover will provide excellent short game control and aid the soft feel of the ball on approach shots and around the green.

432 dimples in a cuboctahedron design

The new dimple design means a more penetrating and consistent ball flight.

Should I buy the Tour Soft?


The Titleist Tour Soft is specifically aimed at players looking for an exceptionally soft feel, great distance, and enhanced short game performance.

It’s a great ball if you are a mid-level player looking for a ball that will give you a soft feel and farther drives while staying in a price range under the Pro Vs.


The vast majority of players who review the Tour Soft love the added distance and the soft feel for this premium ball. As many senior players have noted, they feel more in charge of the ball and love the added length over a higher compression ball. Some did note the lack of durability of a ball with a Surlyn cover. But overall, the vast majority of reviewers were delighted with the Tour Soft.


Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 is one of the top premium golf balls on the market today. It delivers top of the overall line performance with penetrating ball flight, superior distance, and excellent spin action. Those qualities in a ball are what good players are willing to spend top dollar for the Titleist Pro V1. Even though it’s cheaper than the Pro V1, the Tour Soft does not meet the performance qualities of its sister ball. Unless you are a slower swinging player, the Pro V1 will match up well to the Tour Soft on driving distance. On feel around the greens, the Pro V1 is unmatched, and that’s where the significant difference lies between the two balls. Although a higher price and reduced durability versus the Tour Soft are major cons, the unmatched feel around the green makes the Pro V1 a superior ball for a lower handicapped player.

Taylormade tp5 golf balls

The three-layer core system of the premium Taylormade TP5 golf balls is said to deliver maximum energy transfer and generate increased speed and distance. With that said, they should bring superior distance to your full shots over the Tour Soft ball. The Tailor-made ball should also provide excellent spin for approach shots and better feel around the green. If you are a high handicap player, the increased cost and reduced durability of the Taylormade TP5 may be challenging to swallow.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS

The Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS is a quality golf ball designed for mid to low handicap player who is searching for longer distances and who love a very soft feel. It has a low compression rating of 64, and that will add length to your game without feeling mushy or like it sticks to your club. With that low compression, the Bridgestone is a good ball for superior golfers with slower swings looking for top-quality performance in a ball. If your swing is a bit on the slow side, the Bridgestone is for lower handicap players than the Tour Soft.

Is the Titleist Tour Soft for me?

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is for players who have swing speeds under 100 mph and who need a ball with a soft feel. The ball brings superior distance and has an excellent feel when putting and on the greens. When searching for a ball that can help with distance and has a soft feel, the Tour Soft may be the best golf ball for you.

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