Callaway Supersoft golf balls Review

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is suited for players with relatively slower swings who are looking for more distance and decent feel around the greens, all for an affordable price. Its durability and value make it an excellent choice for a senior golfer who wants a ball to help them play better golf.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
From Callaway Golf

What problems With your golf game can Callaway Supersoft help you fix?

Like me, are you getting older and your swing is slowing down? Getting outdriven by some 15-year-old high school kid?

Well, if you have a slower swing, usually under 95mph, then the Callaway Supersoft golf balls will help you hit the ball a lot longer and straighter. That’s excellent news for those of us getting older and less flexible.

And you can get better distance while usually paying less than you would for a premium ball.

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are extremely durable, allowing you to play at least one round without having to replace the ball. Indeed, their Ionomer cover will last longer than most balls with softer Urethane covers.

Also, when it’s chilly outside, the higher compression balls tend to feel like little rocks when you hit them, especially off of the tee. Softer compression balls will tend to feel more resilient and less clunky when playing in colder weather. Since they have the softest compression in golf, the Supersoft golf balls will give you a better feel in colder weather.

Who should play with the Callaway Supersoft golf balls?

man swinging golf club at Callaway Supersoft golf ball

The most likely candidate for playing with these balls are seniors who are getting less flexible and can’t swing the club as fast as they once did. Or those among us that are just less flexible or less coordinated to take a big, hard hack at the ball.

As we will discuss, these balls are perfect for novice players who need distance and accuracy from their drives, but their short game isn’t’ as critical.

Cold weather players tend to enjoy playing with softer balls. They also putt better on the harder greens and are easier on the hands than a harder compression ball.

Don’t buy these if you like the feel of a harder ball because they can feel like you’re hitting a tiny little pillow. And that can be very distracting over 18 holes.

Of course, players with a harder swing would lose distance hitting with a softer ball. Those types of players should avoid the Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

What do I need to think about before buying the Callaway Supersoft golf balls?

Ask yourself whether you have a slower swing and would benefit from a ball with an extremely low compression rate—one of the lowest in golf.

How important is the short game for you? If it’s essential, there may be better options than the Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

How important is the cost of a sleeve of balls? If you don’t lose many balls or you’re happy to pay for premium balls, then perhaps there are better options for your game.

Most important, ask yourself if you like the feel of a softer golf ball because the Callaway Supersoft golf balls are some of the most springy out there.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Box of Calloway Supersoft golf balls

Callaway has really gone and done it this time. They have come out with the softest golf ball in the game. As a matter of fact, the name of this ball says it all. It is “Supersoft.”

Callaway has a ball that they say is “Long. Super Straight. Super Soft.” Their ball is long, straight, and you can hit for distance. A ball that’s incredibly soft, with an “ultra-low compression core for fast ball speeds, and super low spin and low drag.”

Wow. That’s some ball. But Callaway meets that promise.

The Supersoft will give you great distance if you are a softer hitter. How can Callaway do this? By the design of their ultra-low compression core.

The Supersoft is excellent for accuracy. Their advanced core promotes a lower spin rate, which allows for a more extended, straighter flight on your longer irons.

It’s a ball that is very good around the greens, but not in the premium balls category. It seems there may be better balls if touch around the green is the highest priority. Make no mistake, the Callaway Supersoft is a capable ball around and on the green, just not one of the best.

It’s a really durable ball because of its Ionomer cover. Unless you put it in a lake, you should be able to play an entire round without having a significant slice through its cover.

Last, it has Callaway’s signature HEX aerodynamic dimple design. This design pattern from Callaway helps to reduce drag and enhance the ball’s lift to make sure of the higher launch so it can carry long distances.

Key Features

Sleeve of Callaway Supersoft golf balls
From Callaway Golf

a really soft core

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball has a 38 compression. A compression that low makes it among the softest golf balls in the world.

Most golf balls have a compression between 75-110. So a compression of 38 should give you an idea of how soft the core of the Supersoft actually is.

This means for your game the ball will compress off of your club when you hit to hit, allowing the slower swinging golfers to get longer drives and long irons. Great news if you are older or just less flexible to bang out the gigantic drives to keep up with the longer hitters playing today.

The Supersoft has a 2 piece construction

Callaway believes that the 2 piece construction can help improve your accuracy and provide even more distance for slower swinging players, like senior golfers.

Ionomer cover

Because they are firmer, Ionomer cover balls tend to spin less than most balls of the tee, which will reduce the spins that can cause massive hooks of slices.

Supersoft balls have an Ionomer cover. As a result, the balls will be more durable than the Pro V1 and other balls made with a Urethane cover.

Callaway’s signature HEX aerodynamic dimple design

Callaway’s patented design pattern for the dimples on the Supersoft will reduce the ball’s drag. By doing so, it will also enhance its lift to allow for a higher launch angle for longer carry.

The Supersoft comes in 6 different colors

As I keep getting older, I’ve noticed that I am losing more balls than ever after I hit a decent drive that may be slightly in the rough or the trees. To help out with that problem, I sometimes now use a bright orange ball. At last, I can find my drive without having to hold up play.

Callaway has helped seniors by offering the Supersoft in 6 different colors. In addition to the white ball, they have your traditional yellow ball. Also, there’s a green, orange, red, and pink balls, all with a matte finish.

Callaway supersoft golf balls
From GolfALot

User Reviews

When we took a look at the reviews of the Supersoft, we found that the reviews were extremely positive and that most golfers felt the ball is an excellent ball for the money.

Many users said their drives were longer and straighter, which is extremely important for golfers with slower swings, such as senior players. Some found they got an additional 10-15 yards on their drives.

One of the most critical points related to the less spin the ball generated, which ensures straighter drives—extremely important for those players who slice.

Some users noticed that the ball didn’t bite around the green as well as some of the other premium balls.

How Does It Compare?

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 is the most dominant golf ball for the premium performance segment of the market. I’m sure every round you have played has been with someone who is either playing with the ball or wants to play with the ball.

The Pro V1 has the best feel of any ball on the market today, but the durability is much less than the Supersoft. If your swing is a little faster, you may like the Pro V1 better.

Of course, the opposite is true if you swing a little slower.

Finally, the Titleist Pro V1 is more expensive than the Supersoft.

Callaway Superhot

Lots of players swear by the Callaway brand. If you do, then you should check out the Superhot ball.

While the ball is noticeably firmer than the Supersoft, compared to the other balls in the premium category, it’s still a very soft ball with a compression of 50 (compared to a compression of 38 on the Supersoft).

The Superhot is slightly better distance-wise because it tends to spin sightly less than the Supersoft. In short, a golfer with a slightly faster swing might like the Superhot better than the Supersoft.

One major disadvantage to the Superhot is the significant price difference. The Superhot will usually run you a few more dollars than the Supersoft.

Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone has created a mid compression golf ball for the average golfer who might have a swing in the 90-100 mph range.

It’s a great combination of a premium performance ball that is also a great value. You get a fantastic feel and distance for an affordable price.

Indeed, the Bridgestone e6 is a ball less for the senior golfer or golfer with a slower swing speed. Instead, it’s better for a golfer with a faster swing.

Should I Buy the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls?

Calloway Supersoft golf balls

If you are a senior player or a player with a slower swing, this is the golf ball for you. The softer core will compress on the clubhead, giving you a drive that’s farther than you hit it last week.

If you slice or have a hook, there’s a lot to like about the Supersoft. The ball’s sign will reduce spin and the chance to send it flying out of bounds.

An excellent, solid ball for a reasonable price that will last at least the entire round is a good offering by one of the finest names in golf—Callaway.

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