What is the best driver for beginners?

The best driver for a beginning golfer

The game of golf can be an enjoyable one, especially for beginners. But it can also be frustrating. It is a game that is full of skills to master as well as frustrations to be had. These stress factors can range from a variety of factors, many of which have to do with their clubs. 

For many who love the game, finding the perfect set of clubs is an essential component in bringing out the best in you and your game. For those who are just starting their golf adventures, finding the best driver for beginners is of particular difficulty. 

The learning curve of a beginner can be cut down tremendously with the right driver, which then leads to a more confident and assertive player. This task can be a bit daunting. 

Luckily, with a few key components, choosing the right driver can also be a lessened burden for beginner golfers. That is why we have created this list of the best drivers for beginners. Let’s get started!

Our Winner

In case you’re in a hurry, we consider the best driver for beginners to be the 2019 Epic Flash Driver from Callaway. This driver is superbly built, adding extra speed to the ball when hit. The extra speed will mean more distance on your drives. The club has a solid feel and provides a muted sound from the face. Designed with high quality in mind, this driver is sure to help beginner golfers with their overall distance, control, and performance.




  •  Constructed of titanium and carbon
  •  Sleek clubhead reduces drag for one of the company’s fastest drivers
  •  Contains a new A.I. technology called Flash Face that allows golfers to get more speed on the ball to achieve further distances
  •  Shots will have a faster speed using Jailbreak Technology which features two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole
  •  A crown where weight is redistributed within the head so that the MOI is raised and off-center hits are forgiven more often
  •  The Perimeter Weighting is adjustable which gives golfers the power to easily promote draws, fades, or a straighter flight. 


  •  Plenty of adjustable features to help the new golfer find their rhythm
  •  The clubface is thinner and lighter, allowing for more ball speed after impact and greater distance
  • The large sweet spot promotes a very forgiving driver


  •  Could be a bit on the expensive side for beginner golfers
  •  It can be challenging to determine where you hit it flush on the face


Overall, the Callaway Golf Epic flash driver is a fantastic driver. An ideal driver for beginner golfers, this club has a vast array of adjustable options. The new player will have no problem dialing in on the combination that enables him or her to perfect their game and garner a big increase in distance when hit properly. The best part is that because this driver is adjustable, it can grow with a person as they grow within the sport, creating a long-lasting relationship between the two.



  •  ‘Twist Face’ is an innovative design where the curvature has a corrective face that enables you to achieve longer and straighter shots
  • ‘Twist Face’ combined with ‘Inverted Cone’ technology aids in delivering maximum ball speed across a larger area.
  •  Each driver’s head is injected with tuning resin for optimal ball speed 
  •  Sleek design with aerodynamic shaping that enables an increase in the speed of the club head to achieve better distance


  •  Features decreased thickness and weight for added flexibility
  •  This innovative design enhances overall performances
  •  Consumers are definitely seeing an increase in the drive length as well as a decrease in mishits


  •  Some consumers commented that there is a learning curve to hit the sweet spot on this driver
  •  Others were uncomfortable with the heel under the base of the club


The TaylorMade M6 is an elite tier driver in which the driver’s head has been individually injected to reach the maximum legal limit of ball speed. Designed to provide maximum speed with shot forgiveness, the M6 driver is perfect for beginner golfers.



  •  Jailbreak Effect provides remarkable ball speed
  •  Triaxial Carbon Crown allows for additional MOI and forgiveness
  •  Includes the Boeing Aero Package, which is industry-leading
  •  The shaft selection is premier with multiple weights


  •  Jailbreak Technology enables a more powerful hitting area while providing consistency in hitting longer distances with better accuracy
  •  This driver offers versatility in the stock shafts and clubhead models, allowing it to be suitable for a golfer of any skill level
  •  You can adjust which will provide more precision in the tuning making you a better golfer


  •  Consumers complained that there is no head cover or adjustment tool included with purchase, which adds additional cost to end result
  •  There continues to be a slightly raised aerodynamic section in the crown on of this driver which may affect the results for some golfers


 This Callaway Rogue driver combines an improved Jailbreak Technology with enhanced aerodynamics. This combination offers you more distance, as well as more forgiveness and consistency. Built to improve any golfer’s game, this driver is an excellent addition to a beginner player’s bag.



  •  Offset driver that assists you in reducing the slice and enabling straighter shots
  •  Sleek matte black finish backgrounds green and white stripes to provide an elegant look
  •  A 460cc driver offers a massive sweet spot to ensure the highest level of forgiveness regardless of where the ball is hit
  •  Lightweight with impressive weight distribution for a balanced feel 
  •  The loft is at 1.5 degrees while the lie is 58 degrees
  •  Comes with a headcover for added protection


  •  This club is designed for easy hold and provides an excellent grip
  •  Lightweight construction allows a golfer of any skill level to be able to swing with minimal effort
  •  The Offset technology is unparalleled and allows any golfer to take their game to the next level


  •  This driver is a bit shorter than other standard drivers on the market
  •  The reduction in slice may affect the overall distance that the ball is hit


 The PGS offset golf driver is unique in its Offset technology. This design helps to reduce the slice that often happens with a square-faced driver. The sweet spot is massive, allowing for maximum forgiveness with every shot.



  •  Head is decent size made of 460cc Titanium with an adjustable loft sleeve allowing you to optimize launch and trajectory
  •  The core is constructed of Ultralite Titanium and strategically positions mass for better control
  •  Speed pocket performance allows high launch and low spin so that you can gain further distance
  •  The shaft is premium matrix white tie 55 providing a smooth overall feel
  •  TM textured grip: 0.620 43g 


  •  The sweet spot is quite forgiving, making this driver ideal for high handicappers and beginners at the game
  •  Includes an adjustable hosel allowing you to get more lofts; which is vital for golfers who are just starting out 
  •  The club is designed to promote distance and accuracy, making it perfect for a beginner player to build confidence in their game


  •  This club is quite light, and there is no adjustable weighting with this club
  •  There is a louder sound at impact as compared to other drivers


 This RBZ driver from TaylorMade is one of the best drivers for adding speed to your swing. It has an adjustable hosel that enables you to get more lofts on your drives. 

 A perfect driver for beginner golfers, this lightweight club delivers fantastic contact with every swing. 



  •  Gravity center is low and back with a large clubhead allowing maximum forgiveness
  •  Next-generation RMOTO technology for the face of the driver makes it thinner and lighter providing impressive speed
  •  Graphite shaft with three flex differentiations to choose from
  •  Loft options provided enabling you to find your ideal club 


  •  This driver provides outstanding forgiveness which will be appreciated by many players, particularly beginners
  •  The clubface is wider than you may expect but can assist in hitting the ball more accurately
  •  Golfers are highly satisfied with the long, straight drives this club is assisting them in obtaining


  •  Some consumers have complained that this driver is too large with too much loft
  •  The impact may give off a bit more spin than players would prefer


 The Callaway XR driver is a gorgeous club that assists you in obtaining fantastic distances and overall club speed. Its large sweet spot is extremely forgiving. The steady and lightweight feel will have beginner golfers finding their best game ever.

 How we chose the winner?

 Choosing the right driver for your golf stroke can dramatically change your game. Drivers are one of the most important clubs in your bag, and can profoundly affect your game. To assist you in finding the ideal driver, here are some things to look out for.


 This is the angle of the clubface as it is positioned on the shaft of the club. In more layman’s terms, loft is how much of the face of a club is angled upward. 

 If your swing speed is over 100 mph and you hit the golf ball a long way, you should have a driver with a loft of about 12 degrees or less, and that will produce less backspin. 

 However, for those of you who have a slower swing speed (which is more common, especially for beginners), a more lofted driver is necessary. It will create more backspin, this way keeping the ball aloft and have a better chance of getting the ball airborne.


 The trajectory of a short has to do with its height as well as the angle of the shot. To ensure good shots, the trajectory of the ball must be a factor.

 Look for a driver that provides a trajectory that is best suited for your individual style of play. As an example, if you tend to hit the golf ball low off the tee, finding a driver that has a higher trajectory rating will improve your game. 

 Please be aware that the loft rating is different from the trajectory rating, and both should be considered separately when determining the best driver for your needs.


 When reviewing various drivers, keep tabs on the forgiveness rating of each driver. If you are a beginner or have a higher handicap, you will need a more forgiving driver. This factor should coincide with your golf game and is very specific and personal to each individual player.

 As an example, if you tend to miss the sweet spot regularly off the tee, a driver with a maximum forgiveness rating would work best for you. Looking for a driver that has a reasonably large clubhead, but is still manageable by you as you swing is always going to be the best choice. 

 Those who are more developed in their game may be able to get away with a smaller forgiveness rating. It really all depends on your specific capabilities and needs.


 You will also need to bear in mind the size of the shaft of your potential driver. It will need to be the proper length to optimize your game. 

 The effect that shaft length has on the game is more about creating a comfortable swing rather than a direct impact on the distance of your shot off the tee.

 Steel shafts are common and less expensive but often tend to be on the heavier side. Shafts that are constructed of Titanium or graphite are often much lighter and can help you increase your speed, ultimately leading to an increase in distance. 

 You can also find a variety of unique flexes in shafts. These flexes can affect trajectory, accuracy, and distance. Therefore, the flexes should be examined when choosing a driver. 


 Also, take into consideration the weight of your driver. The typical weight range for a driver is between 275 and 310 grams. Although some are lower weights, these are typically for more advanced players.

 Lighter drivers will help increase the speed of your clubhead. Consequently, many golfers tend to see benefits in their game from having a lighter driver, as it helps them to produce the most distance off of the tee.


Take a look at the size of your driver’s head as well as what it is made of. A more massive size driver head will provide a larger sweet spot. This allows you to hit the ball more accurately (provide you with more forgiveness). 

 The head of a driver is typically made of Titanium or composite materials. Personal preference has an enormous impact on what material you choose. 

 Titanium is often strong and durable but very lightweight. This can allow for a larger clubhead without adding any weight to the club overall. This combination allows golfers to swing a bit faster for further distance with a larger margin of error (forgiveness). 

 Clubheads made of composite material will combine several different materials into a single head. You will typically find materials such as carbon combined with Titanium to allow the club to perform in a certain way.

 An example of this would be having a more lightweight material like carbon placed into the rear of the clubhead. This will help to reduce the overall weight of the driver. By combining this carbon with a titanium face, the head of the club will help produce optimal ball speeds.

 Contrary, heavier materials like tungsten that are combined with Titanium will increase a club’s perimeter weight and increase MOI (Moment Of Inertia). A higher MOI means that the club is less likely to twist when the ball is hit away from the center of the face.


 It may benefit your game to look at an adjustable driver. These drivers provide golfers with the ability to customize certain features to impact their stroke and overall game. 

 Hosel: A feature that enables you to change the loft of the driver. This will provide various launch angles as well as adjust the lie. The lie influences whether or not you hit a draw, which curves the ball to either side. 

 Center of Gravity: It is possible to find drivers that now contain moveable weights. These weights adjust on the sole of your driver and allow you to customize the club to hit a particular way of your choosing (Fade, draw or Neutral)

 Final Thoughts on the Best Driver for beginners

 Golf is a game that is all about angles. Finding the right angles to get to the hole, while trying to determine what club has the right angles to help you obtain that end goal. It is no wonder that golf is a frustrating game. 

When looking for a driver, you should focus on the best club that will enable you to hit the ball consistently on the center of the club. 

 The best driver for beginners will have much to do with how you are currently playing the game. By carefully examining the details about what you are struggling with during your game will have a tremendous effect on the features and characteristics of the next driver that you purchase. 

 Therefore, take the time to really look at your game and what you really need in your next driver purchase. This will enable you to find the best tool to help you become more successful when you play.

 Likewise, it may be in your interest to consider having all of your clubs customized. Golf Pro shops will be able to help you figure out your optimal set makeup, loft angle, lie angle, shaft type, shaft length, grip size, and more. 

Customizing your clubs to your specific body and swill will enable you to obtain optimal consistency and accuracy within your golf game. 

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